About Gayatri Pariwar Yug Nirman, CA

Our organization called Gayatri Pariwar Yug Nirmana is non Profit Religious Organization was established in Cerritos, California on June 1980 by distinguished members of the Indian Community to fulfill the religious need s of the followers of our Guru Pandit Shree Ram Sharma Acharya. On April 1988 our organization was recognized as Tax Exempt entity by the IRS. We organized the first a Ashwa Meg Yagna in the America at Cerritos College on September 1993 for the three days and more than Eight thousand devotees participated from all over America and Canada. Late Vandaniya Mataji and 12 other saints came from India to perform 1008 Kundi Gayatri Maha Yagna.

The basic tenets of our Organization is that it aims at developing the divinity in man and Belongings, material possessions, creative comforts, sensual gratification and attain his greatest height through the medium of Gayatri (Goddess of wisdom) upasna, which include the recitation of the Gayatri Mantra and Gayatri Yagna. It is in short a movement for inculcating lofty idealism in individual family at large and creating heaven on earth. The followers of Gayatri Pariwar Yug Nirmana had contributed generously to build first Gayatri Shakti Pitha (Temple) of Canada and USA and have built a Temple in 1995 at 22116 Pioneer Blvd., Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716. The Organization presently has followers from approximately 500 families living in Southern California and surrounding vicinity.

In order to expand our activities and to help our local community, we started to providing accommodations for women who are suffering from Domestic Violence. We request to our community members, if anyone needs shelter, to contact at
Gayatri Temple. Gayatri Pariwar encourages all to visit the Temple and participate in the daily Arti (7:00 AM and PM), Gayatri Yagna, and Bhajans. Also, Please call the temple for Yagna, Prayer, Bhajans, Marriage Ceremony and any Puja at Temple or at your home.

Your generous donation is greatly appreciated. All contributions are tax deductible.